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The era of integrated computing is upon us, or at least starting in earnest. I look out upon the landscape of upcoming commercial peripherals, computing devices, and experimental tech and see many fascinating technologies which will change the ways that we interact with computers, our environments, and each other. To name a few: credible mass-market gesture controllers like the Myo Armband or the Leap Motion Controller; a competitive market for wearable computers like smart watches, heads up displays (Glass), and intelligent garments; and radical new technologies in neural interfaces that are allowing paralyzed individuals to interact with their worlds in previously unimaginable ways be it through an artificial hand, leg, or eye.

I love simple solutions, and I am not overly eager to ditch my computer mouse which serves me well (currently a Logitech M705), but in the very near future they will enjoy a decreasing share of our computing attention as more intuitive and natural interfaces, as well as semi-autonomous solutions take their place. In the future mice may be as much a memory as the hand-crank car window.

The purpose of this blog is not to discredit the value of today’s or yesterday’s technology, but simply to share some